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11 July 2023

"Introducing Mr. McTavish Series: A Heartwarming Tale of Adventure, Companionship, and Discovery by Bon Kay"

This is a collection of heartwarming, family-friendly books about friendship, adventure, and discovery.


The series focuses on the adventures of Mr. McTavish and Gma, two interesting characters who embark on a series of fun-filled and exciting journeys. Through their travels, they discover the joys of companionship, the importance of looking after one another, and, above all, the importance of friendship.


The first book in the series, Mr. McTavish Goes to the Library, introduces readers to a world of wonderful adventures. Mr. McTavish and Gma go for a ride and Gma surprises him with a visit to the school library, followed by 2 more titles where Mr. McTavish visits the hospital, and even to the community park where most children are involved. 


All their journey ends with a happy ride home and Mr. McTavish hopes for more adventures soon.

This first book helps children learn about friendship, adventure, and discovery in a fun and entertaining way. The illustrations and text are designed to capture the imagination of young readers and teach them about the world around them.


In addition to this series, more books are already in the works. The stories will continue as Mr. McTavish and Gma explore different places, meet new people, and learn from their experiences.

Mr. McTavish Series is sure to be a hit with adults and children alike. It is the perfect book to share with family and friends. And with its playful illustrations, engaging characters, and engaging storylines, it is sure to become a favorite bedtime story for young readers.


The Mr. McTavish Series is available through retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information on Mr. McTavish Series, please visit https://bonkay.published-author.net/




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Originally from SE PA, I moved to central PA 44 years ago for my late husband’s career with 2 children and a dog. I spent 34 years in real estate sales & dabbled in community theatre for almost 40 with local community theatres & had a short radio career.

I’ve had dogs almost my entire life the last buddy was a Scottish Terrier named McTavish. He was a lovable Scotty who was on with everyone, including cats. I’ve made him the inspiration for my series & because children learn in school to respect people by calling them by Mr, Mrs, or Ms, I gave him the name Mr. McTavish. 


Additionally, my inspiration to have each book not only be in Mr. McTavish’s words, but I also became involved with a teacher through donorschoose.org. This organization helps teachers all over America receive things they need to help their classes get supplies or devices required for their schools that aren’t available through budgets or funding. 


I became aware of a teacher that was looking to fund the cost of a charging cart for her students to recharge their iPads overnight. They were not permitted to take them home & found them spending too much time running around looking for an outlet to plug them in. I sent her all the money she needed to purchase the cart & she sent me a sweet thank you through the website. 

About six months later I received a heavy Manila envelope with over fifty handmade thank-you notes in it. Some were a word or two and others were small paragraphs with colored pictures. So cute. She sent a note & asked that I pick 3 and send a picture to her with them in my hands. I couldn’t pick just 1, so I spread 2 fans of the notes & tacked them to a black poster board & wrote in white-out that they were all winners. 


I pledged myself to try & visit her & the children one day soon & I always take my McTavish when I visit children. But circumstances change rapidly and I never could get there before McTavish passed. 

When covid hit I sat & decided to write a book about the experience. Then I Found a publisher. 












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