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25 June 2015
Publishing a book is a major undertaking, with many moving parts and decisions to be made. Writing the book is just the beginning; once it’s finished, there’s still the process
06 January 2016
Adapting a beloved book into a film is no easy feat. Fans of Anna Todd’s 2014 young adult novel “After” will be thrilled to hear that their favorite story is
15 December 2022
“American Prometheus: The Inspiration for the Major Motion Picture OPPENHEIMER” is a compelling read that has been highly recommended by Truman Press and 5 Minutes Media. This definitive biography of
17 October 2023
In the realm of real-life narratives, few books capture the essence of human resilience as vividly as “The General’s Wife: The Final Betrayal”. This book, analyzed by 5Minutes Media, takes


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22 December 2022
Today, 5 minutes media has organised a special interview session with the Author Mitra Thompson to talk about her book ‘From Tehran to the Land of the Free’. From childhood, Mitra was a dreamer full of determination and had the desire to overcome any obstacle that came in her way. Though Iran was her home and it was where she grew up, her faith, gender and cultural background held her back from achieving her dreams and aspirations.
15 September 2022
Maya Mitra Das, the author of “Silhouettes of Time”, was recently in an interview with 5 Minutes Media. In this interview, she gave us a glimpse into her book and the inspiration behind it. Silhouettes of Time is Das’s first collection of short fiction, a set of stories that are widely imaginative and take its readers on a journey to many exotic and alien landscapes. In her book, Das introduces readers to curious moments in time, space and memory that