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05 January 2024

Endorsement: "Subject: ME" 
by Joann Buckley
 - A Testament of Resilience and Hope

Truman Press is excited to introduce a groundbreaking memoir, "Subject: ME" by Joann Buckley, a book that is as much a testament of resilience as it is a beacon of hope for those battling with mental health issues. We are calling on all bookstore owners to consider prominently displaying this life-changing narrative on your shelves. Here's why:

  • Relatable and Inspiring: "Subject: ME" is a deeply personal and honest exploration of the author's life, living unknowingly with bipolar disease until the age of 55. Cynthia's story is one of survival, struggle, and ultimately, triumph. This makes her narrative relatable and inspiring to countless individuals grappling with similar issues.

  • Unique Perspective: Cynthia offers a unique perspective on bipolar disease, a condition often misunderstood by many. Her journey, filled with suicidal thoughts and attempts, paints a vivid picture of the internal turmoil associated with this illness. Yet, her story is one of hope and recovery, proving that a happy, comfortable life is possible despite the disease.

  • Essential Reading: With the increasing focus on mental health, "Subject: ME" is an essential read. It not only sheds light on the realities of living with bipolar disease but also provides hope to those suffering in silence. Cynthia's message is clear: there is a solution, and life can become almost "normal."

  • Wide Appeal: Given its universal themes of struggle, resilience, and hope, "Subject: ME" has a wide appeal. It is not only for those dealing with mental health issues but also for their families, friends, and anyone seeking to understand the complexities of the human mind.

In conclusion, "Subject: ME" by Joann Buckley is more than just a book; it's a lifeline for those who feel isolated in their struggles and a guide for those seeking to understand. By featuring this book in your store, you're not only providing a riveting read but also potentially changing someone's life. Let's join hands in spreading Cynthia's powerful message of hope and resilience.

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