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16 January 2023

Igniting Hope: Mitra Thompson's Story Of Triumph
Truman Publishing Company



Mitra Thompson's incredible story of courage, strength and survival is one of the most inspiring tales of our time. From Tehran to the Land of the Free is the powerful narrative of Mitra's inspiring journey of transformation and the hope she found in America.

The story begins in Tehran, Iran, where Mitra was born into a life of poverty and despair. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 prompted Mitra and her family to flee their home in search of a better life and they found it in America.


Despite these difficult conditions, Mitra remained determined and worked hard to obtain her dream of an education.

Through her hard work, Mitra was able to achieve success and make a name for herself . But she also faced many challenges including cultural barriers and finding acceptance. When she encountered other discrimination, Mitra responded with grace and courage, refusing to accept the limits placed on her by her circumstances.


Mitra eventually decided to share her story with the world and wrote From Tehran to the Land of the Free, which was published. The book has received critical acclaim and Mitra has become an inspiration for many as she demonstrates the power of resilience, hard work and determination.

Mitra's incredible story is a reminder that no matter what our circumstances are, we can rise above them and achieve great things. Her story is a reminder that anything is possible with hard work, faith and a little bit of hope.



The characters in the inspiring new book, From Tehran to the Land of the Free, by Mitra Thompson, are vivid and truly capture the spirit of hope found in the story. Mitra Thompson herself, is a brave and determined young lady. A refugee from Iran, she faces untold difficulties and dangers as she attempts to make a life for herself in the United States. Forced from her homeland, she still maintains her strong sense of identity and her love for her people.


The characters in From Tehran to the Land of the Free paint a picture of hope and determination, of tradition and resilience. Each character contributes in their own unique way to Mitra's journey, making this story one of courage, strength, and ultimately, triumph.


Detail of From Tehran to the Land of the Free Book Trailer by Mitra Thompson


Mitra Thompson’s newest book, From Tehran to the Land of the Free, is sure to ignite some fiery passion in readers. The Truman Publishing Company proudly presents the story of Mitra’s struggle for freedom, in this emotionally charged trailer for the book.

The trailer begins with Mitra standing in front of the United States Whitehouse building, in a heart-wrenching monologue. She describes her story of life in Tehran, Iran and her journey to safety and freedom in the United States. Mitra passionately speaks of the terror and violence in the Middle East that so many face everyday, and how she was able to overcome.


The trailer is set with a haunting and jubilant soundtrack, featuring an orchestra of traditional Middle Eastern instruments. Mitra is seen walking through a war-torn city and running through a crowded bazaar, passionately describing her journey to freedom.

The trailer illustrates some of the most meaningful moments in Mitra’s story. We see her experience the joy of freedom for the first time, embracing a newly found life. Mitra also reflects on how her experiences have shaped her, and how she wants to use her voice to bring others hope.


The trailer ends with a powerful closing monologue from Mitra. She explains how she was able to persevere and find strength while facing the challenges of her experiences. Mitra’s story of hope and triumph resonates with the viewers, and is sure to ignite passion in anyone who watches.


Ultimately, the trailer for From Tehran to the Land of the Free, is an emotional and powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit. Mitra Thompson’s story of hope and courage serves as a beacon of light in a time of darkness. The Truman Publishing Company is proud to present this book trailer, and to ignite some fiery hope in all of us.



Mitra Thompson, author of From Tehran to the Land of the Free, and Truman Publishing Company’s inspirational leader, is a woman of hope. Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Mitra faced many obstacles on her journey to the United States of America. Through her struggles and her spirit, she was able to make the journey and find her way to the Land of the Free.


Through Mitra’s story of triumph and courage, Truman Publishing Company’s hopes to spread its message of hope throughout the world. Her story is one of a woman who chose to take a risk and persevere, no matter the cost. Her courage and strength are an inspiration to us all, and her story is one of true hope in the face of great adversity.



The story of Mitra Thompson is one of remarkable courage, tenacity, and strength. Her determination to escape Iran's oppressive regime and create a life of freedom in the United States was an inspiring journey, one that has been documented in the pages of From Tehran to the Land of the Free. In this gripping tale, readers can see how her story of hope and redemption serves as a reminder that with unwavering faith and sheer will, anything is possible.

Overview of Igniting Hope: Mitra Thompson's Story Of Triumph


The story of Mitra Thompson is one of courage, hope, and triumph. She experienced a childhood of fear and adversity while living in Iran, unable to fully express herself because of her gender and religious identity. Despite this, Mitra never gave up hope and eventually found her way to the Land of the Free with the help of Truman Publishing Company. With her debut book, 'From Tehran to the Land of the Free' and the accompanying book trailer, Mitra is igniting hope and showing the world that anything is possible if you hold onto your dreams.


15 February 2023