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12 October 2022

Is IngramSpark legit?

Are you an author, illustrator, or publisher looking to self-publish your work? If so, you may have heard of IngramSpark, a popular self-publishing platform. But how reliable is it? In this article, we'll take a closer look at IngramSpark and its services.


Is IngramSpark Legit?

IngramSpark is an online self-publishing platform that enables authors to print, distribute and sell their books across the globe. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its wide range of services and features, but is it legit? This article will discuss the legitimacy of IngramSpark and why it has become so popular among authors.

IngramSpark offers a low cost way for authors to self-publish their work, with no upfront costs or fees. They provide a personalized service which allows authors to create professional-looking books that can be sold on multiple platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, they provide access to global distribution networks, allowing authors to reach readers in over 190 countries worldwide. All these features make IngramSpark highly attractive for aspiring writers who want a hassle free way of getting their book out into the world.


The Basics of IngramSpark

IngramSpark is an online printing and publishing platform that specializes in distributing books to retailers, libraries, and other booksellers. With IngramSpark, authors can easily produce professional-quality paperbacks and eBooks while also getting them into the hands of readers across the globe. But is IngramSpark legit? In this article, we’ll provide an overview of what IngramSpark offers so you can decide if it’s right for you.

With IngramSpark, you can publish print-on-demand books with no upfront costs or inventory requirements. Their services include cover design assistance from a team of professionals as well as global access to their distribution network which includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and many more. They also provide tools to help with sales tracking and royalty payments.


Pros of IngramSpark

The world of self-publishing has become easier than ever with online services such as IngramSpark. IngramSpark offers a variety of services for authors looking to self-publish, including book printing and distribution. For those considering whether or not to take the plunge into self-publishing, here are some of the pros that come with using IngramSpark.

One of the main benefits is that authors can have their books printed and distributed quickly and easily. With IngramSpark, books can be printed in just a few days and then shipped worldwide to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and other outlets. This makes it possible for new authors to get their work into print much faster than if they had gone through traditional publishing houses or print shops.


Cons of IngramSpark

IngramSpark is a popular self-publishing platform, but as with any service, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks. Aspiring authors should carefully consider both the pros and cons of IngramSpark before deciding if it is the right choice for them and their work.

One possible downside to using IngramSpark is that the platform does not provide much in terms of marketing support or other services. Authors will need to take charge and handle all aspects of their book marketing strategy themselves, from setting up an author website to utilizing social media platforms. Additionally, while IngramSpark offers paperback printing through distribution centers worldwide, they do not offer hardcover printing services.

Authors should also note that there are additional charges associated with distributing books through IngramSpark aside from setup fees.


What Others are Saying

Is IngramSpark legit? This is a question that has been circulating in the publishing and printing industry for quite some time now. To answer, it's important to turn to what others are saying about the company's services.

Many authors and publishers have praised IngramSpark as one of the best self-publishing solutions available due to its affordability and global reach. Customers have complimented their excellent customer service, noting how helpful staff members are when guiding them through the process of getting their books published. A few even pointed out how easy it was for them to upload their manuscripts through this platform compared to other options.

Although there were some who had negative experiences with IngramSpark, such as slow delivery times or issues with payments, many customers felt these were isolated incidents rather than systemic issues with the company itself.


Alternatives to IngramSpark

IngramSpark is often seen as the go-to print-on-demand (POD) provider for authors and publishers. However, there are a number of other options out there that can provide similar services. Whether you're looking for a better price or more features than IngramSpark offers, these alternatives could be the perfect solution to your POD needs. Here are some of the best alternatives to IngramSpark that you should consider when searching for a POD provider:

BookBaby provides an efficient option when it comes to distribution and printing services. They offer both paperback and hardcover books through their Lightening Source platform with no setup fees or minimum order requirements, making them an attractive alternative to IngramSpark. Additionally, they offer additional support such as book cover setup, interior formatting, and editorial services which can be invaluable when creating your book.

Truman Publishing Company is another option for POD distribution. They offer the ability to distribute your book in both paperback and hardcover formats, making them appealing to authors who want to distribute their work in print form. They also offer different marketing and distribution packages for authors, making it easy to get your print book in front of the right people. One of the most appealing aspects of Truman Publishing Company is their ability to distribute your books internationally, which can be difficult for some self-publishing companies to do.

Book Pitchers LLC is another hybrid publishing from Santa Monica , California. They offer the ability to self-publish your book as well as distribute it in both print and eBook formats. They also offer a wide range of marketing services for authors, helping them get their work out to a wider audience.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing Traditional publishing is the ideal choice for authors who want to share their work with a wide audience, as well as make money from it.